“New Year, New Me.” I am sure we have all heard those four words before and as cliche as they may sound, sometimes the idea of a new year does necessitate a blank slate.

I have always been a fan of making New Year’s Resolutions. Ever since I was a little girl, it was something that my family did. I believe in having positive goals, putting it out there and trying your best to stick with them.

In the case of this post, rather than discussing professional goals and wellness habits, I’ll be sharing my personal style goals for this year. For those of you who are looking to reinvent or switch up your personal style, I hope this encourages you.

The Idea:

Throw away what’s not working, keep what’s working, while also introducing new ways to keep what’s working interesting.

  1. Incorporating More Detail (Color, Texture)

This can contribute to the avoidance of style dead ends. Incorporating more detail into my wardrobe is something that grazes my mind at least three times a year. I always try to prioritize and commit to the idea, but I typically zone with neutrals and the essentials. Detail in color and texture is crucial to visual stimulation when it comes to my clothing ideals. It introduces excitement as well as the look of a well rounded wardrobe.


  1. Styling

Everybody has a personal style formula that works for them including myself and sometimes, in the hopes of trying something different or introducing something new, we must alter that formula. If it does not feel right or comfortable, do not do it. It’ll show. Keep things light. You never want to come off as if you’re trying too hard.


  1. Investing In Quality Pieces

No more wasting money on products that will do for the now. 2022 will be the year of investing in more stylish quality pieces. By quality pieces, I mean products that are well made to last. This will go as far as daily basics like jeans to custom made dresses.


  1. Keeping it Classic

In a world where the definition of what is stylish continues to be redefined, the term “classic” is subjective. For me, it means acquiring products that I believe to be timelessly beautiful and useful. Yes, I am encouraging you to purge your space of belongings that do not fall under those characteristics in coordination to your taste. It makes for a more polished and inspired catalog.

Thank you for reading!

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